About Mikel

Hi and welcome to The Blogospherical Explorer!

I’m passionate about exploring and discovering and sharing my experiences and discoveries with anyone who’ll listen. I believe the world is wider than we can imagine, and that beauty and intrigue lies hidden, just waiting for someone to come searching.

I am a Jesus-following Bible-believer and everything that I said above absolutely applies to Him and His Word!

{home is wherever I'm with you}

There is a little girl named Heidi who calls me Mama, and a kind, hardworking man named Josh who calls me Best Friend and Wife – these two people alone are more blessing than I could ever ask for or imagine!

DISCLAIMER: I am definitely a work-in-progress … Please do not get the impression that I write as an expert of any kind! Everything I write about is based on either
(a) someone else’s idea – shared because it worked out well for me (sources always cited, of course!),
(b) hare-brained experiments that happen to work out well, or
(c) hare-brained experiments that go very badly (i.e., cautionary tales).

While you’re here, I hope you enjoy yourself, learn something, and maybe even take the time to teach me something! My favorite aspect of the Blogospherical Interwebs is the amazing & talented community of writers and explorers – so PLEASE share your experience, thoughts, tips, hints, and EVERYTHING with me!

In case you have something to share that doesn’t belong in a comments box, I’m at:
{ mikel <.> beth <@> gmail <.> com }


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