Park Explorer – Timbercreek Park

Today’s post is part of a 52-week series on exploring parks all over the place. Enjoy!

Well … here’s a great example of why I generally avoid making public resolutions for the New Year: I’m never as consistent as I intend, and this series is no exception. I originally intended to post an article about a new park every Friday … and I’m clearly not fulfilling that resolution. BUT! I love sharing my park explorations, so I’m just going to throw out the weekly pressure on myself and I’ll just post when we visit a new park.

Know of any cool parks that Heidi & I should go explore? Share with me!!!

Aaaanyways – this post is about a park we go to ALL. THE. TIME. since it’s close to us, but I love it for all it’s simplicity, so I’m sharing it with you!

Timbercreek Park is a fun little rinky-dink playground nestled out of the way within the Timbercreek subdivision at the end of Park Drive in Benbrook, TX. At first glance, there really isn’t much to this park. But that’s exactly what makes it such a wonderful place to visit: it’s a quiet place to enjoy pretty much anytime.

Whole Park Shot

View of the playground from the picnic area.

There’s a simple, no-frills {read: “no swings”} playground that is well-worn by the local middle-school kids {though you’ll never see them in daylight}, tennis court, basketball court, practice soccer field, wooded picnic areas with tables and open grills, and a paved walking path that meanders across a large, open field to  a footbridge that connects to the neighborhood behind the park.

Another cool thing is that the Benbrook Public Library is within walking distance of Timbercreek Park, so we generally do both. Makes for a fantastic afternoon!

Lots of Room to Run

Plenty of space for running!

This place is also conveniently located just off of I-20 – super easy to find! But also here’s a map:

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