Raw Milk & Real Food in Fort Worth!

I have recently been very pleasantly surprised at my whole food options here in the Fort Worth area. After too many frustrating years of shopping for meat & produce at Walmart {the closest “grocery” store in my area}, I have been looking for alternatives to the grocery model altogether.

Now that I’ve been eating more naturally-produced and nutritious food, I’m surprised to find that I don’t want fast/junk food nearly as much as I used to … I wonder if it’s because my body & brain are {FINALLY} getting the proper fats and nutrition!?


Texsax Ranch is a family-run operation out of their backyard southwest of Fort Worth {it’s a big yard}. Their chickens – all 300+ of them – have the best life ever:

“Our egg layers are a mixed flock of Barred Rocks, Brahmas, Australorps and Welchsummers that roam freely with our cattle. They are our natural way of controlling barn flies and pasture parasites. They feed on our pasture bermuda grass and have free choice access to a certified organic, soy-free feedmix supplied by Texas’ only local organic feedmill (Coyote Creek).” – http://www.texsaxranch.com 

The first time I went to buy eggs from them, a fresh basket of {dirty} eggs had just been brought in, and I had first pick!! One of the most fun aspects of getting eggs from a mixed flock is the variety of colors and sizes of eggs that I get – I regularly see speckled brown, light brown {“pink”}, and green eggs. I’ve even cracked open a larger egg to find that it had twin yolks! JACKPOT!!

Heidi & I eat an egg every morning for breakfast, so buying eggs from this farmer is a perfectly easy way to be sure that we’re packing in the nutrition first thing in the morning. The yolk’s deeper orange hue and thicker consistency are signs of low cholesterol and high protein. Plus, they just TASTE better!

I randomly ran across this Flickr Photostream that illustrates this whole lovely situation. Check it out.


Nors Dairy – this is another family operation that is located WAY south of the Metroplex {in Abbott, TX}.

They produce 100% grass fed beef and dairy.

I get my milk and butter from them through a co-op, so I haven’t ever actually had to make the drive {although I’d LOVE to, if anyone is up for a road trip!} … but this is REALLY good milk.

I have found that I consume LESS milk and butter when it is sourced from healthy, grass-fed cows – it is just SO much richer, so much more delicious!

Here is a great article from the blog, Hail Merry, about their actual visit to the farm.


Artisan Baking Co. – another GREAT family business, these guys make the most delicious handmade bread!

Apparently, they got their start by selling their handmade bread & baked goods at the Cowtown Farmer’s Market at the Weatherford Traffic Circle in Fort Worth, which is where I discovered them & bought my first loaf.

{By the way – the Cowtown Farmer’s Market is so COOL – go check this out if you haven’t already!}

Hint: if you drizzle a little honey on a toasted slice of their Nine Grain Harvest bread, I promise that you will die and go to heaven. Metaphorically speaking … but seriously.

They offer on-site baking and cooking classes, recipes online, and links to other awesome Fort Worth foodie establishments.


What about you? How do you feel about the Local/Whole Food movement in Texas? Do you have any little local foodie tips to share?


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2 thoughts on “Raw Milk & Real Food in Fort Worth!

  1. johnpaulmcrae February 28, 2013 at 8:34 pm Reply

    Hey I will be up Dallas way around the 15th-16th till the 18th…wanna test that milk as long as it hasn’t been pasteurized…down for a road trip. Greg will probably be with as well. I have a wordpress too. http://johnpaulmcrae.wordpress.com/

    • Mikel the Explorer February 28, 2013 at 8:48 pm Reply

      Come on over! I’ll get some donuts so we can have a snack like Grandpa used to up at the dairy in the morning … Followed your blog 😉

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