Trinity Trails – River Park Water Feature

Today’s post is part of a 52-week series on exploring parks all over the place. Enjoy!

The Trinity Trails system is probably the best all-around amazing place in the greater Fort Worth area for exploring. Not only is it a breathtaking way to see the city and its outlying areas, it is also free. Here at the Blogospherical Explorer, we are all about free. Especially if it’s beautiful. [And there’s a lot of beautiful + free to be found in and around Fort Worth!] You’ll see new parts of the Trails in each new post.

Just like last week‘s featured park, the water feature is really what makes this spot so nice! Although it doesn’t have any playground equipment, the area is perfect for walking, running, or cycling. Personally, I’ve been down to this park many times with Josh … it’s a beautiful place for a romantic stroll since it seems to always be either very busy or empty. I like watching the serious cyclists racing past the little families out looking for some sunshine. It is just so perfectly nostalgic.

For easy access, use the parking lot located underneath the bridge on the northwest side of the river. You have to take the River Park exit from Highway 183 (Southwest Parkway), and loop all the way around (you’ll take two forced U-turns) until you find the parking lot under the bridge by the river.

Also, there’s a beautiful overlook on the other side of the river at the top of the hill. It’s a great place for a simple date or a quick stop on a trail ride. You can get there via the low-water crossing, or just park on Bellaire Dr. on the other side of the river (exit Bryant Irvin Rd. from Highway 183, stay on the feeder road, then turn left at the dead end and park right there).

If you’d like to do some of your own exploring, you can find a full map of the Trinity Trails system at their official website.

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