Trinity Trails: Art Cowsen Trailhead at Pecan Valley Park

I’m showing you a new park every Friday in 2013. That’s 52 parks (and other outdoorsy spaces) you’ll get to discover with me over the next year! In return, I’d love it if you’ll share your explorations with me!

We’re kicking off the Park Explorer 52-week series with a progressive exploration of the Trinity Trails system. You’ll see new parts of the Trails in each post.

The Trinity Trails system is probably the best all-around amazing place in the greater Fort Worth area for exploring. Not only is it a breathtaking way to see the city and its outlying areas, it is also free.

Here at the Blogospherical Explorer, we are all about free. Especially if it’s beautiful. {And there’s a lot of Beautiful & Free to be found in and around Fort Worth!}

Art Townsend Trailhead

The Art Cowsen Trailhead at Pecan Valley Park is located in Benbrook, right at the Winscott elbow.

Memorial Oak Park

It’s a perfect location for a bicyclist or jogger to start – you can take the trails southwest to Benbrook Lake or northeast into downtown Fort Worth.

2012-11-07 14.40.05

This park also has plenty of picnic tables and barbeque grills – lots of room for a crowd! I’ve seen people throw birthday parties and host family picnics out here. Lots of room to kick a ball or play two-hand touch. It’s an absolutely beautiful setting for any gathering.

2012-11-07 13.59.33

Also, for you explorers, there is a great little loop off the official Trails. You can access this quiet little footpath via a footbridge spanning the Trinity River {although the bridge isn’t very childproof and it’d be quite a fall – so hang onto your little ones!}.

2012-11-07 14.18.01

We refer to this spot as The Secret Forest, even though it’s not a huge secret. It just feels so secluded and hidden!

2012-11-07 14.10.46

This place would be perfect for playing Capture the Flag or Hide-and-Seek – or any game that requires a LOT of hiding spots!

You can find more information about the Trinity Trails System at their official website: {including detailed maps of the Trails; they run all over the metroplex – and so should you!}

Do you have some creative ideas for how to use this Beautiful & Free space? Leave them in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to do some of your own exploring, you can find a full map of the Trinity Trails system at their official website.

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