Park Explorer: Let’s Go Outside!

Living here in North Texas, we enjoy access to plenty of parks and recreational areas. Having moved to the area a few years ago, I’m still in the process of discovering new parks in the area.

At various times, as I’ve gone through the process of finding new places to explore, it’s occured to me that other people may not be aware of the beautiful spaces that lie hidden just around the corner from their home.

The intent of this series is to help you find some beautiful places to explore.

Just take a deep breath ...

The Marsh Boardwalk at The Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge; Image courtesy of

Get your family, your friends, and yourself outside! The physical and emotional benefits of simply being outside surrounded by oxygen and green plants are virtually endless.

An article by, “How Does Being Outside Help My Child Stay Healthy?” specifically discusses the benefits of the outdoors for grade school children, which include:

  • Lower levels of behavioral conduct disorders.
  • Less anxiety.
  • Less depression.
  • A higher sense of self-worth.
  • Quicker recovery from stressful life events.

And if you’re a parent of any grade school children, you know that these benefits are directly transferrable to you. Happier kids means happier parents.

Even if you don’t have children, the benefits of being outside abound. According to the Harvard Health Letter, spending time outdoors is good for you, and lists the following potential benefits:

  • You’ll get more Vitamin D
  • You’ll get more exercise
  • You’ll be happier
  • You’ll be able to concentrate better
  • You may even heal faster

So bottom line: it’s time to get outside and start enjoying life!

In the spirit of the season (time to start thinking about those New Year’s Resolutions!), I’m resolving to show you a new park every Friday in 2013. That’s 52 parks you’ll get to discover with me over the next year! In return, I’d love it if you’ll share your explorations with me!


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