Happy Halloween!

Well, Fall is definitely upon us! Summers here in Texas are long and brutal, so I am especially excited about the upcoming turn of the leaves and drop of the temperature (although, ask me in a few months, and you’ll probably hear me pining for warm summer afternoons in the sun).

Now that I’m a mama, the seasons, holidays, and festivals take on a whole new meaning. It’s my little girl’s very first time to explore the tastes, textures, and traditions of the season, and I want to do everything I can to make it special for her.

Signs of Fall

As many mothers know, the blogosphere is rich with tips, tricks, and ideas for any occasion, and my quick search for a toddler-appropriate fall-flavored activity brought up a Disney Baby Blog article: “Pumpkin Fun for Babies and Toddlers.”

Side note: If you’ve never been to DisneyBaby.com, you’re seriously missing out. They have so much good information over there.

So we headed out to the nursery to find a pumpkin (or three) …

Picking out a pumpkin with Heidi

The trip to the nursery was an event all its own – all the colors of fall bursting on display inspired memories of seasons past.

And then it hit. The Meltdown. You know the kind I’m talking about. The howling and the shrieking and the drooly-snot and the careful throwing-down of oneself onto unforgiving concrete while Mommy angry-whispers “Stop. IT.

Which reminds me of an important point.

Let’s be real here for a minute: for all of your best work and preparation, we are discussing toddler activities. So there are toddlers involved. So things are going to be a little imperfect. Revel in the imperfection. Take a deep breath and put all of the Good Housekeeping images out of your mind. It will only drive you crazy, and you’ll end up missing these few precious moments of beautiful chaos.

Besides, it’s amazing what a couple teething tablets and a two-hour nap will do.


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